About us

Crackerjack Kids is a subsidiary of the InnerFit NZ formerly Quantum Sport Trust, registered with the Charitable Trust Act 1957 (Charities Act 2005 – Charity Number CC24759).

About InnerFit NZ

At InnerFit NZ, our vision is to see more kiwis winning in the game of life. We use the context of sport, with a focus on inner fitness, to help more kiwis optimise their lives.

Established in 2005, InnerFit NZ is a not for profit organisation staffed and supported by some of New Zealand’s most accomplished sportspeople. Our unique “Inner Fitness Training” method is rapidly gaining recognition around New Zealand and beyond, delivered nationwide through schools, sporting bodies, and high performance academies.

Fusing significant, new scientific discoveries with time- honoured wisdom, we build an athlete’s understanding of their complex inner core and related “muscle groups” – beliefs, values, purpose, identity and character. Training “Inner Fitness” in these areas equips an athlete to respond positively to both adversity and success, building resilience and intrinsic motivation. We work with both amateur and professional athletes – across all ages, abilities and sporting codes.

Our Crackerjack Kids programme is funded through donations from individuals, trusts and sponsorship, along with a fee from each school using the programme. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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