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High Profile Community Leaders 

I think that a programme such as Crackerjack Kids could potentially  be a very powerful factor in building resilience in our children and young people.

Judge Andrew Becroft
Former principal Youth Court judge

We believe Crackerjack Kids adds a vital component to primary school education; my wife and I have personally sponsored a school.

DJ Graham
Former All Black Captain and Principal of Auckland Boys Grammar


I believe education is on the edge of a major transformation. The shift to connected, authentic and real life learning will be the default approach in our schools. The connections we gain from CJK in our school opens possibilities, powerfully models and supports staff in teaching the “whole child” linking skill and character. I can think of very few contexts that do this so naturally and powerfully than with CJK.

John Petrie
Principal Gulf Harbour School

It is really easy to sit in the classroom and talk about respect, but to actually have an activity that let’s you go out and experience that in your body and actually go “ahh… that’s what that feels like, that’s actually what that is.” They have something to link that too, so that they understand that language.

Melinda Bennett
Principal Ahuroa School

It’s really been a revolution in teaching in Health and PE. Using the Crackerjack Kids programme means a whole new way of thinking in how we deliver the Health and PE programme. A change of mindset, a change of habit.

It’s not just nipping out and doing a quick fitness activity or playing a game, it’s all much deeper than that. In every other area of learning we are trying to deepen the kids learning and that’s what Crackerjack Kids does for us. It helps so much.

Phil O’ Connor-Cooper
Principal St Josephs School Takapuna

I have no hesitation in recommending the Crackerjacks Kids Programme for Primary Schools. I was involved in the programme at my previous school, Redoubt North Primary, for a number of years and we have just started the programme at Glenavon School.

I have seen first-hand the positive impact that the Crackerjacks Programme has had on Health and PE in schools as well as the wider school culture.

Phil Toomer
Principal Glenavon School

Implementation of Crackerjack Kids into Pt Chevalier School has been highly successful. Teachers enjoy the structured, well resourced programme and the high quality professional development. The CJK facilitator has been responsive and adaptable to staff needs at our school.

Phil Spriggs
Deputy Principal Point Chevalier School

This year our school has had the privilege of becoming a Crackerjack Kids School, through the services of Quantum Sport. Our school wanted to provide a programme that aligned with our Values and the Habits of Mind that are already in operation here. The Crackerjack Kids Programme certainly fulfils those criteria, with strong underlying themes that promote discussion and thought whilst the students are engaged in meaningful physical activity.

Tania Campbell
Acting Principal Ramarama School

I would like to heartily endorse Quantum Sport and the Crackerjack Kids (CJK) programme. We have been using the programme for several years now and it is very powerful and fits in perfectly with our school values. The resource is incredibly rich, and because it provides very clear guidelines, direction and supplementary resources such as pertinent video clips, it enables teachers to focus with fun and high interest on important aspects of how we need to be, in order to live healthy and successful lives e.g. Attitude, Confidence, Being Coachable, to mention just a few. The way it links physical, mental and emotional health is inspiring and very coherent. For our school, we can also link it to spiritual health.

I am always very happy to recommend Quantum Sport and Crackerjack Kids to other schools and organisations and believe that this initiative would do well to be supported by NZ businesses, philanthropists and Private Donors because, if used well in every school in New Zealand, could be a catalyst for ensuring an adult population with strong morals, values and sense of responsibility.

Philomena O’Connell-Cooper
Principal St Joseph’s Catholic School Takapuna


A lot of the children that found it hard to get involved in games, because they felt personally their skills weren’t up to scratch, are now setting individual goals to try and get themselves “Better than Before” and reaching personal best.

Tania Bevan
Redoubt North School

Skills improvement surprised us, as we didn’t expect year 2’s were able to cope with the games, but they were!

Year 2 Teachers from Red Beach School

It’s great to see the link between PE and things being done in classroom. Games are enabling the kids to learn strategies to control their behaviour in class.

Year 5 Teachers at Red Beach School

I’ve found the teaching of PE quite a challenge. I’m the kind of person who likes to be in control. Having the knowledge to teach PE well has always been a bit of a challenge. This year since we’ve taken on Crackerjack Kids I’ve really found it a supportive programme. I really like the child focused approach. The children have really enjoyed the health component as well and it’s really nice to see it integrated across. And I know that my teaching of PE is growing in confidence and I’m doing it much more regularly and enjoying it much more myself.

Heather Dellows
Teacher Glen Eden Primary School

What’s really important in this is that we’ve seen the weaker kids in sport have actually risen up and are using the Crackerjacks Kids programme in helping them on and off the field. It’s been great to see how everyone is participating not just the 1 or 2 strong children.

Cassie Hart
Hebron Christian College

I’ve found that it’s helped me to find a new way to communicate with my children and for them to communicate back to me. It’s also allowed them to think critically because we have stopped and asked “What could we have done here?” or “What could we do better?” and they were ready to share all those things.

Margaret Hoani
Yr2 Teacher Randwick Park School

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