Payroll giving

It is possible to make donations to charitable causes of your choosing directly from your salary or wages. This requires your employer to set up payments that you must authorise. This means that as a donee, you reduce your PAYE tax – details regarding these benefits are available on the IRD Website.

If you would like to donate to our parent organisation, Quantum Sport, through payroll giving, simply download and complete the Payroll Giving form and give it to your employer.

Please advise us of your payroll payment so we can issue you a receipt at 31 March, for all donations given in the previous 12 months.

Download the Payroll Giving form

Tax rebate

Individual donors who are have taxable income in New Zealand can claim a 33.33%  tax rebate on all donations up to their annual net income; eg: an individual with net income of $20,000 who makes charitable donations of $3,000 will receive a rebate of $1,000 – the previous rebate entitlement was only $630.

Register your donation to receive a rebate