Professional Development

Developing the Competence and Confidence in Teachers

The Professional Development programme offered by the Crackerjack Kids team is designed to empower and equip teachers to have the confidence to engage in Physical Education. While the Crackerjack Kids manuals offer a great resource for teachers, the Professional Development sessions are designed to take teachers along a continuum from Dependence to Independence in their knowledge and ability to deliver the curriculum area of Health and Physical Education.

As part of this process schools are not only offered Professional Development sessions relating specifically to the particular Crackerjacks Kids module they are taking, there are numerous other sessions that can be delivered that will help up-skill teaching staff in Health and Physical Education.

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Crackerjack Kids Professional Development

All sessions contain both theoretical and practical elements, are interactive and encourage participation and discussion amongst the staff.

Before a school begins the Crackerjack Kids programme their staff are taken through 2 x 90 minutes Professional Development sessions.

Session One – Health & PE in NZ Schools

The focus of the first session is to look more closely at how the curriculum defines and explains the subject area of Health and Physical Education.

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Session Two – Introductory Module, Winning

While the focus of this second session is mainly on the games and character focuses of the introductory module “Winning”.

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Additional Professional Development Sessions

Sessions include:

  • A Closer Look at TGfU (Teaching Games for Understanding)
  • Building Critical Thinking Skills in PE
  • Creating a Positive Learning Environment in Physical Education
  • Minimising Off-Task Behaviour and Discipline Problems
  • Getting a PE Lesson Started, Instructing and Organising
  • Motivating Children to Practice
  • Observing and Analysing
  • Developing the Content
  • Providing Feedback
  • Successful Teaching in Physical Education

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