Crackerjack Kids covers the five key competencies in the curriculum

The CJK programme connects directly with the five key competencies outlined in the New Zealand Ministry of Education Curriculum and correlates to the underlying concepts of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

Thinking: Through the inquiry-based approach, children are encouraged to think about the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’. They are encouraged to think a problem through as part of the decision making process.

Managing self: in small-sided games, children are given the opportunity to learn how to manage themselves, as the teacher is not acting like a referee in every situation. it also gives the teacher opportunity to assess the children and formulate questions to further enhance the depth of learning.

Relating to others: Physical Education through the Crackerjack Kids programme offers children another context to interact with their peers. They learn to relate to others through the sharing of ideas and discussions. opportunities to reflect and co-operate all develop a student’s ability to work in a team.

Participating and contributing: Students are actively engaged with the sharing and trialling of ideas, both theirs and others. They contribute and listen to others and through this process have the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Language and texts: Children develop confidence around expressing their feelings and ideas, both orally and through some class and personal worksheets.

CJK Integrates easily into schools