Crackerjack Kids integrates easily into your school

Crackerjack Kids was developed by experts to provide primary schools with the tools they need to effectively deliver foundational elements of the Health and PE curriculum.

The primary school programme follows the ‘Teaching Games for understanding’ approach. Positive attitudes towards physical activity are created through the use of small-sided games that involve modifications and questioning.

Teachers have a unique power to provide children with a positive experience of physical activity. The results for children who are introduced to sporting activity in the right way are extraordinary and proven – especially in terms of increased confidence and competence.

Top 10 benefits for your school

  1. integrates into the curriculum, so the time your teachers spend delivering the programme is well invested.
  2. uses the link between game play and character development as a powerful and effective tool for bringing about positive and lasting change in student behaviour.
  3. develops a common language for talking about character, values, attitude and behaviour within the school.
  4. Trains teachers to ensure they are able prepared to deliver a quality programme.
  5. Provides considerable flexibility to accommodate specific school needs and can be adjusted to seasonal games activity.
  6. Integrates with other sports-specific coaching resources.
  7. Teaches basic fundamental movement and skills that give kids essential foundations for a wide variety of sports.
  8. includes inspirational visits from respected new Zealand sports champions who serve as Crackerjack Kids ambassadors.
  9. Provides strategies to make and maintain healthy friendships and take part in school life in a positive way.
  10. largely funded through the generous support of individuals, trusts and sponsorship, which greatly reduces the direct cost to schools.

CJK has Real benefits for children