Real benefits for children, families and communities

Sport creates opportunities to develop values

Crackerjack Kids provides strategies to make and maintain healthy friendships and take part in school life in a positive way, while building a child’s self esteem and confidence.

Sport brings participants, parents, coaches, volunteers and supporters together to become friends and neighbours, working in pursuit of common goals. It equips children with helpful strategies to positively contribute to community activities, starting with their attitude to coaches and others who help them.

Enjoyment of sport is increased along with skills to participate – this increases motivation to play sports with their friends. improved tactical awareness enables children to make better decisions about “what and how”, leading to more meaningful learning in class and beyond.

Children contribute more positively to family life through learned strategies on how to get along with siblings, helping mum and dad in everyday family life, and to make positive choices in their attitude.

Real benefits for New Zealand

Real benefits for New Zealand diagram

Outcomes = good, confident and resilient citizens

Overview of the CJK Modules