Terms of Trade for Schools

These Terms of Trade apply to all schools using Crackerjack Kids. You can find our Terms of Service here.

1. License to use: Quantum Sport grants the School permission to use the Crackerjack Kids materials on a non-exclusive right to use basis. No ownership of material is transferred under this agreement

2. Termination: Any requests for cancellation have to be in writing and received by the Quantum Sport before 31st of October of any given year, or will otherwise incur the standard licensing cost for that following year

3. Intellectual property: All intellectual property relating to the Crackerjack Kids programme remains the property of Quantum Sport and no part may be reproduced in part or in full except for the purpose of delivering the programme at the licensed school. Intellectual property includes all Crackerjack Kids manuals, DVD’s, branding and training material

4. Acceptable use: 

4.1 Term: The School is licensed to use the Crackerjack Kids material in perpetuity, provided all staff delivering the programme have been through the professional development

4.2 Environment: Crackerjack Kids materials are designed to be presented within the School setting and may not be used for extra-curricular purposes without prior written permission

5. Payment: All outstanding amounts must be paid in full prior to launching the Crackerjack Kids programme at the School. All quoted prices are exclusive of GST and GST will be added to your invoices We prefer payment direct to our account, please see invoice for details or make cheques payable to ‘Quantum Sport Trust’

6. Prices and services: Prices may be subject to change and we reserve the right to change prices without notice. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the services we provide without notice

7. Liability and indemnity: The School agrees to accept all liability for the delivery of the Crackerjack Kids programme and agrees to indemnify Quantum Sport against any claim made in relation to the programme

8. Disputes: Any disputes will be handled in good faith and attempts made to solve problems will be made by the parties directly involved. Should mediation be required this will be arranged at a mutually agreeable time

9. Notices: Any written correspondence regarding the Crackerjack Kids programme should be addressed to:

Crackerjack Kids Programme Manager
C/O Quantum Sport Trust
PO Box 8437 Symonds Street
Auckland 1150

10. Parties: Quantum Sport is a registered charitable trust. Charities Commission registration number CC24759