An easy, fun and proven way to teach life skills

Crackerjack Kids (CJK) is an easy-to-implement, curriculum-linked Health and PE programme for primary schools. Through the language and experience of sport, it teaches fundamental life skills and builds good character. And children love it.

CJK empowers Kiwi kids to become leaders, positive role models and well-rounded, stable individuals who are equipped to achieve on and off the field.

Schools and parents are reporting improved attitudes and behaviour as a result of CJK’s innovative approach.

Here’s Crackerjack Kids Explained

CJK provides real benefits for children, families and communities

Crackerjack Kids provides strategies to make and maintain healthy friendships and take part in school life in a positive way, while building a child’s self esteem and confidence.

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We’re Not For Profit

Crackerjack Kids has been developed by InnerFit NZ formerly Quantum Sport, a registered charitable trust based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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